The Power of Fear



The philosophy of fear is equally detrimental and beneficial. It can be explained in more ways than one. A cursory glance at history will tell us that many geographic changes of revolutionary sort appeared on the face of earth due to the manipulation of fear that was either assumed or real, immediate or distant, imminent or avoidable. An approximate case in point is that of the South Asian divide that led to creation of two sovereign states in subcontinent–India and Pakistan. Yes, this was the fear of Hindu domination that gave a separate homeland to the Muslims of South Asia. It was perhaps again the fear of domination that led to the fall of Dhaka in the history of Indo-Pak subcontinent. The two foregoing events in the recent history are enough to clearly elaborate the power of fear in both negative and positive way for the same population. Hence, in today’s Pakistan, if those at the helm of affairs really want to stem any negative onslaught of fear, they must address such fears before they erupt like a violent volcano reducing things to ashes. Many subtle forms of fear that common man is grappling with in today’s Pakistan include the fear of starvation, the fear of falling subject to violence, the fear of losing identity, culture and language, the fear of being exploited, the fear of being subjected to illegitimate detention, the fear of losing jobs, the fear of falling below poverty line, the fear of not getting quality education and, in short, the list of fears really runs to inexhaustible extents. Hence, fear the fear or face the fear, choice is yours!

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