Grand Conspiracies against CPEC Unmasked!


Friends and foes have equally focused their hawkish gaze on the grand multi-billion project—CPEC. Conspiracies, big and small, are unmasked every second hour against the most lucrative, for whom yet to be decided, project of millennia.

Hundreds of thousands of children are out of school in Pakistan; the number is all the more gigantic in Balochistan. This really is a conspiracy against Pakistan perhaps hatched by all-weather enemies—India, Israel or semi weather friend, or enemy, (depending on your pessimistic or optimistic approach), USA. The nefarious designs of foregoing enemies have intensified these conspiracies in many more ways. Children, already enrolled, have pathetic standards and quality of learning. Many of 10th standard students cannot solve simple mathematical equations of 6th standard and cannot read, write or solve comprehensions of the same standard. How malignant of the enemies of progress of this land of pure!

Hold on! Many more conspiracies against CPEC are being investigated and unearthed. Conspiracy No. 2: hospitals in Pakistan are doing good and equally bad businesses. Balochistan, the breeding ground for conspiracies and hence breeding ground for hospitals. Let’s discuss the good ones. A new day in Quetta and a new hospital owned by CPEC investors. Streets and roads jam-packed with rickshaws, vehicles and patients queuing up with gunnies of medicines, ultrasound and x-rays of entire body including two of attendants to prevent disease making headways. Very smart of investors, indeed!

Now the bad ones: public hospitals. Flocks of patients but few doctors, fewer medicines, and still fewer paramedics with exalted communication skills unmatched even in (un)civilized world. Stinking smell, heaps of garbage, and resigned men and women in queues, on beds and in corridors, of not economy, but hospitals. Did you get the sense of conspiracy? No. Ok, let me explain. The investors are being forced to divert their capital to building more and more hospitals instead of investing in industrial zones. Therefore, in collaboration with bacteria, viruses, and other biological agents, these enemies of the great project of millennia, are attacking health of people and hygiene of public hospitals. Malicious? Indeed, to the core!

Malnourishment and unemployment have surfaced as new conspiracies against our road to heaven—CPEC. Caloric poverty in children, food insecurity, stunted growth, and perishing of 0.4 million children each year in Pakistan owing to curable disease is part of conspiracy to deprive project of human resource. Those who survive to the adulthood are not spared even. Unemployment is another conspiracy against grand project as being unable to employ the huge unemployed bulge, eternal enemies of Pakistan would get a chance to malign our road to paradise—CPEC.

Last but not the least, the then Soviets were perhaps good astrologers. They had, by the dint of their astrological advancement, acquired the future knowledge of our great road to heaven and therefore, had started hatching conspiracies against it 38 years back when they invaded Afghanistan, to derail, of course CPEC. Had they not been so far-sighted to litter this land of pure with impure terrorists, today enemies of CPEC would not be able to attack worship places despite 1400 cameras in Quetta. This astrological advancement really corroborates Ahsan Iqbal’s rhetoric and his desire of launching joint effort against enemies of CPEC instead of conspiracies, not against CPEC, but each other! Good luck Gentleman!

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