Lala—the way I knew him


Physically he may have departed but remains amongst us as a teacher, as a leader, as a guide and as a mentor through his prolific writings. His legacy is a legacy of words, legacy of ideas and legacy of uprightness in the face of all odd circumstances. Rest in peace Lala Siddue Baloch. You served as teacher to me in absentia, your writings were source of inspiration and information. Yours is a loss irreparable, yours is a grief irrepressible!

I was introduced with the stalwart of Balochistan’s journalistic world through my mentor Shehzada Zulfiqar when he offered me a job back in 2010 in a Karachi based daily—Daily Messenger. Then I was working as sub-editor in Balochistan Times. Later when I joined Daily Times Pakistan as reporter, my contact with Lala, although indirect via Zafar Baloch, his son, but was regular. He guided me and Zafar on many occasion and corrected our stories on regular basis before we filed them to our editors.

I also had an opportunity of working under his supervision from 2015 and onwards in his newspaper as senior Sub-editor. This was opportunity of learning from his experiences. Although I never visited office during the working hours and completed all my work online, his comments and corrections in my stories always increased my interest. I had the honour of replacing him as editor for a month in 2016 in Balochistan Express when he was away for Ummrah. His departure is loss of teacher for journalists of Balochistan, loss of a political ideologue, loss of a robust voice for oppressed and loss of an

affectionate father for my dear friend Zafar Baloch. Heartfelt sympathies with family. Rest in Peace Lala!


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