Coronavirus Risk and Balochistan

A province where measles  is enough to kill thousands, a province where children perish for want of food, a province where women lose their lives for better medical healthcare, a province where avaibility of a painkiller, at times, is no less than a blessing, a province the godesses of death, induced by man for lustful ends, goes on rampage, devouring bloomig faces within a blink of an eye, a province where people ride on a chariot of highly combustible substance to earn a living, a province where the monster of sardar plays a second fiddle to the larger oppressor to connive with opprrssion of the oppressed, a province where all the revolutionary slogans for change die at the altar of a tehsildari job, a province where stage for open bargain for as petty as peon jobs is set by so called educated, a province where biase is cultivated, nourished and sold as a commodity to gain wealth and prosperity, a province where a single letter takes months to reach, in ordinary process, to its destination, a province where cellular network still is a novelty in certain resource rich districts and a province where 3G is deemed as a security risk is at a cross-road of a tiny monster that has brought the world powers like China and Korea to their knees. If the virus sneaks into the borders, which most probable will, owing to porous borders, frequent pilgrim visits and dependence of bordering township on Iran, a human predicament of unimaginable magnitude will usher. The provincial and federal governments should put all their strength in place to avert the storm before it is too late.

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