The ruthlessness of ‘a simple Virus’ in Pakistan



By   Shaik Badini

It shouldn’t have been said this way, but there is probably no other way than to say that the corona virus that is killing people in Pakistan is by no means ‘simple’. However, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran khan during one of his addresses on 30 March said, “Coronavirus is a simple Virus.” That implied that the virus could do no great harm to people in Pakistan. On the other hand, The Virus that seems spreading rapidly and taking hundreds of lives across the world on daily basis.  Had it been so ‘simple’ Mr. Prime Minister, the damage would not have taken such a tool!

In on such another un-calculated statement, PM Imran said that the virus can only be disastrous to young children and aged ones. This statement also seems purblind because a Samadhi Woman in Iran of age 103 recovered from Corona Virus. While another man of age 51 also recovered from Corona Virus. When the news got viral of these two persons, the world health organization and other Humanitarian Organizations went to interview them. The 103-year-old woman said that reason behind her recovery were two: 1. When she had gotten infected by the Corona virus and she just came to know about it, she decided that she will not die of this, at least not from this virus. 2. According to the lady, she says that having known being the victim of Corona virus, “I, with every single breath of my life would pray to God to help me get rid of it and would ask the God prove itself being the only Sovereign authority otherwise the people of the world would be chasing the doctors for its treatment and cure.” Apart from the reasons the woman had just put forward. The question that arises here is, if it is a simple virus and can only be dangerous to older and younger ones then how would the woman recover? Secondly, till now, most of the cases seem to be of adults being affected.

According to reports up till now, the total cases of Coronavirus are approximately 3 lacs 90 thousand while 16000 thousand deaths have been recorded. The virus was first discovered in a market of Wuhan, China. But according to sources, the actions carried against it were totally made covert and that probably was one of the reasons of its wide spread throughout the Asian and Europeans Countries and many more. China was the first country that committed a mistake in terms of calling this virus a simple virus. On 31st December, the Chinese Govt. wrote to the United Nations (UN) that Corona Virus was a simple Virus and Chinese Govt. Could tackle it easily on its way. Therefore, the unpredicted consequences of this were not only confronted by China but also the rest of the world.

A kind of Similar mistake was made by the Govt. of Iran. Initially, when the virus broke down through the country, it was kept secret, not telling anyone in the country. Afterwards when it got spread high and fear placed itself everywhere, the Iranian Govt. started talking about the cases of the virus in Iran. Although it had affected a very certain number of people there initially, but, until the announcements were made about the virus officially, it had already become uncontrollable.

Italy does not lag behind from any country in terms of Corona Virus where cases are being still recorded. Again, one of the big reasons after that was the non-seriousness of the people of Italy and the officials. Most countries were in a misconception of thinking that China is a country very far from them. Not matter how quickly it is spreading, it still may not approach them. Most of the people were still traveling freely, avoiding no gatherings and handshakes. As the cases got increasing rapidly and the Govt. started talking about lockdown, the people got badly bound to their homes.

Pakistan also followed the footprints of China, Iran and Italy. When for the very first time, the cases of Corona Virus were record in a Bordering area of Baluchistan Province, instead of identifying the affected ones and keep them in Quarantine (a process of keeping an affected person in isolation) All the persons coming directly from Taftan were stopped for 14 days were allowed to go wherever they wanted to later. Many attribute this as sole reason of spread of corona virus in Pakistan.

China is the first country being affected from the virus the most. Italy 2nd on count, Iran the 3rd and Pakistan on 4th. But there is no denying the fact, that Corona Virus has affected more than 150 countries in the world with more or less cases in different places. China alone is called the most responsible of COVID – 19 not because it was first discovered there but because the Chinese Govt. took it serious when most people from different parts of the world had arrived Wuhan and most of the people had already left Wuhan for their countries.

The experts reveal, the most distressing things about the virus is its spread rapidly from person to person but it is confirmed that from which organism it first got transferred to humans. Abdullah Hussain Haroon, Pakistan’s former ambassador to the United Nations, has recently put two claims. 1. Corona virus is not natural; it is transuranic (Manmade). 2. It has been made in an American Laboratory and then shifted to China. While on the other hand, the experts have revealed that after doing great homework on the virus, they have come to know that Corona Virus has a very distinct and complex nucleotide Sequence of DNA, forming it artificially in any laboratory, is not a piece of cake for anyone.

Inhaling steam of water can a create a hard situation for the virus to survive. The virus stays on hands for 30 seconds and on plastics 10 to 15 minutes. It is also said that the virus cannot survive between the temperature 26-30 degrees but it is not experimentally proved yet.

Chinese Govt. has recently said that it has become 90% successful in fighting the virus and Iran has also shown a gradual decrease in the cases, Italy is too on its peak to fighting it but the case in Pakistan is still a bit different. The people here still seem non serious. The government orders don’t move people.

The writer is a teacher, a motivational speaker and a vlogger from Balochistan Pakistan.

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