Govt. moves to ‘Smart Lockdown’

red and white signage

Bolan Tribune Exclusive

QUETTA: The Government of Balochistan has approved in principle to move from a ‘complete’ to a ‘smart lockdown’ a day after the federal cabinet took a decision to this effect, Bolan Tribune learnt here on Friday.

In the meanwhile, the cases in Balochistan have reached 1725 with a record spike in the national tally of 1800 new cases.

The ‘smart lockdown’ will allow certain businesses reopen with preventive measures in place to restrict the spread of virus. Trade Unions would ensure the implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in this regard.

However, the trade unions are yet to respond to the strategy of ‘smart lockdown’ who have already expressed their concerns over lockdown what they termed as a ‘drama’ a few days ago in a press conference.

On the other hand, the uneasiness is also increasing among the circles of businessmen related to public inter-provincial transport services. The public inter-provincial transport remains suspended and no consensus was developed during the meeting of National Coordination Committee (NCC) to this effect.

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