Zia sees Indian hand behind Balochistan’s unrest


QUETTA: Provincial Home Minister Mir Ziaullah Langov has said that the statement of a former Indian Major Gurav supports Pakistan’s stance that India is involved in terrorism in Balochistan, as evidenced by the former Major’s interview in a private channel.

He expressed these views while talking to media persons here on Tuesday. The minister further said that the Indian (r) Major openly admitted his nefarious intentions which is shameful. He said that India is involved in terrorism and sponsorship of terrorism in Balochistan, adding that all the evidences of this have been provided to the world repeatedly. He was of the view that when India fails to down Pakistan in front of the world, it starts trying such tactics and has started spreading hatred among the people in Pakistan for the last several decades.  The provincial home minister said, “I want to send a clear message to them that the people of Balochistan stand shoulder to shoulder with their forces and they will not deter from laying down their lives for their land along with their armed forces.”

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