Plantation campaign in full swing in Kharan: Bangulzai

KHARAN: In pursuance of special directves of Secretary Forest and Wildlife Department Balochistan Dr. Muhammad Saeed Jamali and Project Director Syed Ali Imran, a tree planting campaign is underway under the supervision of Divisional Forest Officer Kharan Maqbool Bangalzai and Range Forest Officer Bakhtiar Ahmed.

In a press statement issued here the Divisional Forest Officer Kharan Maqbool Ahmed  Bangalzai has said that as a part of this campaign in Kharan district, they have been given task in different components. He said that  in plant production, they have planted 200,000 seedlings, adding that so far, 45% of the work has been completed.

He said that work on 50,000 polythene bags nursery has also been completed and added that work has also been completed on another plant production bed nursery in which we have a target of 100,000 plants which was successfully met. 

He informed that the cluster plantation has so far planted 2,000 mulberry, juniper and pistachio trees in the Godaghan Protected Forest Kharan of the Forest Department and the boring work for them is in the final stages. 

He further said that a nursery tunnel and a shed will be set up at FC Qila Kharan which will be completed soon, adding that in addition to the shelter ballet plantation that we have to plant in the field, we were given a target of 600,000 cuttings / pens so far 540,000 pens have been planted, on farmers’ lands  and on their water channels which will later grow into trees. 

He said that the growers will be responsible for the maintenance and watering of the cuttings and added that  the Forest Department will also pay money to the concerned landlords for water supply and protection. He said that  the scheme will run for four years and the incomplete work of the Shelter Belts will soon be completed

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