To achieve the goal of ‘Green Balochistan’ , every citizen should plant a tree, Chief Conservator Forest Abdul Jabbar

QUETTA: Chief Conservator of Forest Department Balochistan Abdul Jabbar monitoring tree plantation campaign

QUETTA: Chief Conservator of Forests Balochistan Abdul Jabbar has said that conscious nations are always ready to play their role collectively and individually to keep their environment clean and healthy.

In a message on Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ongoing Billion Tree Tsunami Programme on Wednesday , he said that each of us must play our part in the process of improving the environment by protecting forests. Therefore, we must work together to achieve this national goal. He said that in order to achieve the goal of a green Pakistan and a prosperous Balochistan, every citizen should not only plant at least one tree but also ensure their irrigation and safety. “By maintaining forests in their natural state, we can safely transfer wildlife to future generations,” he said. The Forest and Wildlife Department will use all available resources to promote afforestation in Balochistan . He appealed to the people to cooperate with the Forest Department for the success of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Billion Tree Tsunami Programme so that they can provide a pollution free and healthy environment to future generations.

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