Balochistan Food Authority takes action against unhygienic eateries, shops

QUETTA: Balochistan Food Authority (BFA) inspection teams have imposed fines on two meat shops and an ice cream distribution unit, including a pizza point, during various operations on Thursday.

During a routine inspection, food authority officials issued warning notices to several food and beverage outlets. BFA food safety teams in different areas of the city such as Alamuchok, Airport Road, Pishin Stop and Art School Road inspected the pizza points, general stores, meat shops and distribution units of various items and inspected the quality and cleanliness of the products in the said centers. Despite previous directives issued by the Balochistan Food Authority against pizza points and meat shops, hygiene principles were violated while dirt, poor storage system and personal hygiene of employees were not maintained in the ice cream distribution unit. Action was taken on this violation. Meanwhile, the owners of several other food and beverage outlets in the area were directed to provide safe food and groceries to the people and pay special attention to the hygiene, especially to ensure personal hygiene of the workers in the butcher shops. The staff was issued guidelines formulated by the Balochistan Food Authority while BFA officials also briefed them in this regard.

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