A Mothers’ Day without a Mother

There can be no life without mother. A child can neither be born nor can his existence be complete without his mother. On every mothers’ day, we express our love for our mothers. We try to make this day special for our mothers by planning various things to make her happy. Social media, television, newspapers; all are bombarded with mothers’ day quotes, tributes, pictures so on and so on forth.10th of May which is celebrated as Mothers’ Day becomes a source of joy for mothers as well as their children. Youngsters and children especially look very excited and delightful.

Apparently this day, full of joy and happiness, does not seem to have a melancholic side of the picture. Yes, you read it right. This day does have a gloomy side. It becomes very painful for those children who lost their mothers at a very young age. Some of them have never seen their mothers as they lost their lives while delivering the baby himself. Others still have a very faint memory of their mothers which gets fainter with every passing day. Some of them when behold the pictures of their mothers just cannot relate to it because of the absence of that very experience in their lives. All they can relate to is the pain and agony that has been flourishing deep inside their hearts since forever and has pretty much affected their growth and personalities. Some other unfortunate folks must have witnessed the souls of their beloved mothers flying to the sky never to come back. Who knows how deep impressions that sight would have left on their innocent minds and souls?

Some young boys and girls too have gone through the same trauma. The boys would have given a shoulder to their mothers’ funeral, the girls would have assisted in giving the final ghusal to their beloved mother. They must have exchanged their hearts for stones.

This trauma just does not end here. The unfortunate human beings in flesh and blood now have a whole life to live without their backbone, their support system, their inspiration, their motivation, their ideal- their mother. It is in absence of that shade that a mother provides that a person realizes how cruel the world is and how very tough the journey of life is. There is never a day nor a night, neither a morning nor an afternoon that the hearts of such people do not ache for the love of their mother. One would hardly find a married girl who does not want to talk to her mother at every stage of her new life. Nor would you find a boy who would like leave for his job without seeing his mother praying for his success.

The importance of a mother for a fifty year old person would be the same as it would be for a five years old kid. All I want to do here is to give voice to all these people especially the young ones. There are always some unheard voices around us which are filled with pain and agony but these voices always get suppressed under the deafening songs of joy and happiness. We just need to have a sympathetic and compassionate ear to listen to the unsung songs of “mother-less-ness”.

There, surely, can be no substitute or replacement of a mother or the love of a mother but, every woman is born with emotions of motherhood. It is these emotions that make her love invaluable and indispensable for her children. Women, therefore should not keep this love limited to her own children. If she is a mother, then the rivers of her love should flow endlessly. This love should not be confined within the four walls of her own house. Her heart should be as big as an ocean. Her love and affection should pour like rain on every sorrow stricken “mother-less” heart. As P.B Shelley puts it,

True love in this differs from gold and clay,

That to divide is not to take away.

The world, we live in, is filled with sorrows and grieves. We should all try to play our part in illuminating it with love filled hearts, compassionate ears and helping hands. Not specifically on Mothers’ day but, on the all other days we should try to love each other and also to lessen the pain of those who have lost their mothers by simply loving them a little more.

The writer is a Quetta based freelancer & a graduate of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI). She has recently completed MS in English Literature and Linguistics.

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