Zia designates air travelers responsible for Corona spread

QUETTA: Provincial Home Minister Mir Zia Langov has said that the Provincial Government had adopted sufficient preventive measures against Covid-19 at Taftan border.

Addressing to a press conference here at Quetta Press Club here on Saturday, the minister said that some political figures created a storm in the name of Taftan, adding that Iran had left the pilgrims in the buffer zone but Government of Balochistan took care of 10,000 pilgrims in all ways possible. He said that despite all the efforts, Balochistan’s efforts were not recognized and fingers were pointed out at its performance. He said that no one heeded to the people coming in the country by air and added that Corona spread in the country through people traveling by air. He said that he was grateful for the support of Prime Minister Imran Khan and Pak-army and added that elongating lockdown any further was not possible as it would be difficult for the masses to bear the burden of lockdown. He said that hopefully Ulema would also cooperate during the Eid prayers. He also appealed to the masses to act upon SOPs.

He said that any further decision regarding smart lockdown would be taken in a session with CM in chair on 19th May.

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