A motivated soul in fight against Covid-19

By Abdul Hanan

Dr Ameen Ullah Khan Davi is a 27 year post-graduate, serving in medical unit Civil Hospital Quetta. His fearless struggle on frontline in fight against Covid-19 has saved many lives .

One of the my relatives got infected with Corona Virus and he self-isolated himself at home. He spent couple of weeks in confinement with zero recovery. Medical workers refuse to visit him home to give him medical care. We decide to take the patient to another province for treatment when we figured out the doctors are unskilled in Quetta

As a final ray of hope we came to know about Dr. Ameenullah Davi who made himself available on a single call. The peculiarity about his selfless services is that he visits the patient at home. After he arrived our home, he spent few hours with patient and took him to the hospital to get him admitted for 9 days.

Dr Ameenullah DAvi is a motivated soul and a real hero of the young generation as he has facilitated many hopeless and poor patients voluntarily.
While the Balochistan government and stake holders are spending millions of rupees in a Corona management efforts, they must also invest in smart laboratories in town and purely facilitate young doctors with kits and equipment. This would bring result of cases and patients down. This province has brave doctors nurses and staff if we are able to protect them will can mitigate the virus’ damages.

DISCLAIMER: The write-up is a letter addressed to Editor for publication. The opinion expressed in the letter are that of the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Bolan Tribune’s editorial policy.

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