Agha Shakeel demands a special package for Khuzdar

QUETTA: Former district chairman Khuzdar Agha Shakeel Ahmad Durrani, senior leader of Balochistan Awami Party, has said that he has been continuing his efforts from day one for the welfare of the people and solution of public problems.

In a press statement issued to Bolan Tribune here on Sunday, he said that the solution of basic problems is among the priorities and in the near future they will take steps to address them by including public interest schemes in the priorities.

BAP leader Agha Shakeel Ahmad Durrani said that Khuzdar district consists of vast areas and tehsils in terms of area but efforts will be made to solve the problems of the district within the available resources.  Water facilities, establishment of educational institutions, provision of health facilities are the basic needs that require a lot of work shall remain on priority, he added and said that issues will be prioritized given the limited resources.

He said that the importance of Khuzdar has increased due to the fact that it is being used as a corridor for CPEC while the district is also central in terms of trade and commerce.

 Therefore, it is necessary for the federal government to announce a special package for Khuzdar district so that the problems of district can be reduced.  He said that the provincial government was planning to the best of its ability and was also investing money in the sectors that needed development.

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