Online Classes and Balochistan!

By Meerak Jamaldini

Universities must conduct online classes but the students of Balochistan unfortunately have no access to internet and without internet the possibility of success of these online classes diminishes in Balochistan given the fact some areas in Balochistan even don’t have cellular internet facility at all.

In other areas of Balochistan such as Nushki, Kalat, Kharan, Sibi and internet access is either limited or absent. The irony of fate is even mobile signals hardly have proper reach how students can attend their online classes is a question beyond comprehension. The unavailability of internet facility in far flung areas of Balochistan doesn’t seem to be favour to the students of Balochistan.

It’s obvious that Baluchistan is lags behind in many respects from its sister provinces. Most of the students in Balochistan cannot afford android mobile phones, laptops and costly internet packages if fortunately available. Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has a fine idea of these barriers in Balochistan but still it seems adamant on online classes.

The faults in the educational system often lead students to the brink of suicide in Baluchistan. The provincial and federal governments should rethink their policies with regard to Balochistan so that students can find some solace. Issues like video scandals have already forced many students to quit their studies. In a tribal set-up, it is hard for a female to get permission for getting higher education. However, if educational institutions betray their trust and hopes, they will have nowhere to go.

It is therefore, an earnest appeal to the Government of Balochistan to reconsider its decision of online classes or if it is essential, equip students with all the necessary gadgets and uninterrupted internet access so that students benefit the most from online classes, if any.

The writer is a student from Balochistan

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