Prospects for Pakistan in a New World Order

By Muhammad Hussain

Coronavirus has positioned itself as a major agent of change. It has changed the whole world politics as well as the economy. Even, it has rewritten the fate of the countries such as China and the USA. In fact, it has not only affected developing countries but also the developed world such as USA, Italy, Spain and others by shaping the world order anew.

U.S. President Donald Trump wants to focus on the internal situation of the country and to give employment to citizens of the state. Therefore, he is in a quest to withdraw U.S. forces from the Middle East and Afghanistan.  This policy of military retreat may weaken U.S. hold on the said countries. On the other hand, China is emerging as a most powerful economic as well as political player on the world map. Although its economic might doesn’t surpass that of U.S. it has fought COVID 19 effectively. 

It has also been observed that China is trying to foster improved relations with the allies of the USA. This positions China on a more powerful playing dock in current global political landscape.

The question that how Pakistan can benefit from the new political order on global scene is relevant.

Firstly, China is an emerging economy and powerful country on the world map and it enjoys better relation with Pakistan. It has committed itself to a $62 billion CEPC project in this country. The completion of the CPEC routes will position Pakistan in a better revenue generation position. It will encourage China to use the route for trade with the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. It would be a win-win situation for both as China can save billions of dollars on transport and Pakistan can earn by providing services.  Pakistan connects China to the Middle East and Central Asian and gulf countries which is essential for China’s economy. 

Secondly, with a changing world order, China is making good relations with other countries. Therefore, Pakistan should also improve relations with those countries and start trade with them. This will also help in enhancing the economy of Pakistan.

Thirdly, Pakistan should develop good relation with neighbouring countries especially, Afghanistan and India. Without this, Pakistan cannot progress.

In short, Pakistan should play its cards shrewdly on diplomatic fronts with other countries and should not compromise on foreign policy. Almighty Allah has blessed Pakistan with a unique geostrategic position. Therefore, by playing its cards with utmost cautious, Pakistan can turn the new world order into an opportunity for its generations to come.

The writer is freelancer from Loralai Balochistan and a graduate, BS English literature from University of Punjab, Lahore 

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are that of author’s own. They do not reflect Bolan Tribune’s policy.

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