Social Media & Youth

By Abdul Hanan

Social media, a hub of modern age and having smart features, connects the world on the dance of finger tips. In Pakistan internet users are 22% and active social media users at 37 million where they spend 5 hours a day on either surfing or social media applications. Firstly, the benefits hits on the top but the hate speeches and fake information on internet impacts communities, religion and people and specially the students’ academic performance and relationships.

A significant numbers of undergraduate students are found to be suffering from sleeping disorders due to addiction of internet games and sites.

Whereas corona virus has eaten at the very roots of economy of Pakistan, there are foreign companies that are making money through online activity in billions. If the government opens up alternative channels like libraries, youth sports clubs and healthy activities, much of wealth being wasted on internet can be saved for Pakistan.

The writer belongs to Quetta with experience in public sector.

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