How to Stay Positive during Quarantine?

By Habiba Muhammad Jumma

Current situation of covid-19 is getting heavier on nerves as the time passes and the quarantine period is being prolonged. Staying home for most of the time for an uncertain stretch is pushing people into depression and anxiety.

The normal idea of bringing peace in one’s life through eating, health, exercise, reading books and cooking is not working as much as it used to. Some people have even developed insomnia due to sedentary routine.

So here are some ways to bring more activity and inner peace in one’s life and surroundings that are based on my personal experiences and also extracted from some online stuff about mental peace and also from classes attended about mind sciences:

  1. Change your perspective:

                                             Focus on the positive aspects of the ongoing pandemic on the nature and our relationships with each other. Feel the joy of the animals, birds, plants and trees due to the less polluted atmosphere. Appreciate the time we have had to interact and understand each other more than ever and learn to practice more tolerance and care to have a good time together

2. Exercise Gratitude:

                                   Pay attention towards the things you can still be gratified for, such as: enough food and shelter, you are healthy, you have your family around you to take care of you, you have the facility to contact to your friends n colleagues through internet. Such thinking definitely adds to inner peace.

3. Start Prayers regular:

                                     Prayer is believed to be a source of tranquility in all religions of the world. Do pray every day according to your belief. Send healing to the planet Earth through meditation or pray to God/Allah to take the Earth and humanity out of this problematic and unknown situation. However praying for others increases the feeling of inner strength and self-control.

4. Be more Gentle and Encouraging:

                                                            Treat people with more care and attention than before. Listen to their worries about the present situation and respond to them with hope and courage and it will pay you back with inner satisfaction.

5. Spend Quality time with loved ones:

                                                                Have a small party for your family at home and make arrangements as if some special guests are invited, have a Spa day or a movie night, learn something new together such as: a new recipe, some yoga asana, sketching, painting, clay pottery, embroidery, sewing and knitting, plan to have competitions of the new learnings, tell stories and share experiences to connect on a deeper level with each other that will boost an environment of comfort at home.

6. Self-Reflection:

                           Have a conversation with yourself to find a better understanding of your own self and find that how you can make a better use of this time that makes it more productive and constructive, and how you can achieve your goals in this time. This will calm you and make your insights more meaningful.

7. Declutter and Donate:

                                         Declutter every nook and corner of your house, kitchen cabinet, closet and pantry etc. clean and organize them and donate the things you don’t need or have not used for a long time, with a thought that those will be more beneficial for someone else than you that will leave you with a sense of fulfillment and being useful.

                                         I share this piece of writing with a thought that it will bring peace and comfort to someone’s life out there. May we all get out of this time as a better version of ourselves!

The writer is Assistant Director for Information, Education and Communication (IEC) at Population Welfare Department, Balochistan.

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