The Final Goodbye

By Abdul Hanan

As after relaxation in lockdown due to covid-19, air travel restrictions were lifted for domestic flights which resulted in an unfortunate occurrence. A few hours earlier on that ill-fated day, he must have called reservation office to get his seat reserved, as Hamza Yousaf  from Lahore to Karachi, confirmation of reservation in PK- 8303 would have been an amazing chance to surprise his family on Eid as he ultimately got chance to pay first visit home after passing out parade of long course of Pakistan military.

The next hour of packing with goodbye to academy colleagues’ seniors and juniors, advance Eid greeting, future plans and way to airport for flight.

PK- 8303 with 99 passengers and flight crew left the Lahore airport runway, hopes flew from Lahore to land in Karachi but one-minute misfortune won over years and hours of hopes when captain with trembling voice must have announced, ‘Ladies and gentleman engine has lost power and signals with ground; be patient, we will land shortly.’ He was true plane met the ground but with an unfortunate bang, screams and blasts: the lives of several people, hopes of their families ended in just a blink of an eye, lucky 3 people survived.

Family members who came to airport to receive their love ones with a bright smile, left with countless tears.

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