Virtual World and the Youth

By Yaqoob Narohi

With time, the world has transformed itself into a new paradigm. Modes of communication have changed and hence that of learning. Telegram and postal services have almost slid into oblivion and digital learning via online means has replaced traditional styles. With the ticking of clock, the internet and social networking sites have taken a lion’s share of human’s time. All this change has proved beneficial for the world in one way or the other but unfortunately this change has affected our society—especially our young generation. On the one hand, our youth got accustomed to misuse of internet so excessively that they deem their survival impossible without it anymore and on the other hand social networking sites like Facebook, Tik Tok and Instagram have snatched their time. Had they used internet wisely the virtual world would be an harm for them in any way. Although internet and social media are sources of information in today’s world, their excessive and unwise use is dangerous.

It is the era of knowledge and entertainment economy where internet and other social websites are being used as a source of earning, but due to lack of knowledge and proper guidance, our youth is observed misusing internet and other online applications. One would be shocked to notice that how rapidly our youth is getting access to thousands of adult website on internet. This is alarming.

Similarly, Tik Tok and Instagram like applications have further deteriorated future of our youth. they give priority to internet packages and expensive android mobile sets over buying books and going to libraries.

Furthermore, modern nuisance “PUB-G”, an online game, is killing the time of our youth. One would not mind if this game was of a short time period, rather deliberately boys as well as girls spoil plenty of their hours on this game. It is often observed that while playing this game many people even miss their routine sleep due to its time taking nature.

The internet and aforementioned online applications might be used as good hobbies in the Western societies, yet they have proven disastrous in our society. What is more alarming here? From their valuable time to their health- everything of our youth has fallen prey to these online websites in general and PUBG in particular. Unfortunately, they are risking their health and developing problems such as weak eyesight, mental disorders, stunted mental and social growth and reduced physical activity Many more damages are yet to come if this pace of nonseriousness continues. Apart from health and other losses, state of Pakistan is deprived of professionals in necessary fields just because our youth is all the time busy in making Tik Tok videos, updating their statuses on social media, searching nonsense websites and killing their time for nothing worth.

Before any further damage is done to our youth, it is high time that parents and elders paid heed to this serious matter. They need to educate their children about use and misuse of internet, perils of online mobile applications which kill their time and stop them from exploring their careers. Also, teachers need to advise students to avoid misusing internet and staying online for quite excessive time, rather youth should utilize this time properly to make a good career and play its due part of a good citizen.

Yaqoob Narohi has acquired his Master’s degree in International Relations from University of Balochistan.

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