How can education overcome social ills of Pakistan

By Muhammad Hasnain Khan

“One book, one pen, and one teacher can change the whole world”

                          Malala Yousafzei

The importance of education in human life cannot be denied. This is education that makes human beings win the title of ‘Supreme Being’. The first verse of the Holy Quran revealed talks about reading (Iqra ). Almighty Allah has bestowed humans with immense potentials but the question is how these potentials are polished. For this, education is mandatory. Education is the only tool which can change the human potential into actuality. Education makes a person perfect mind. Therefore, without education, one cannot understand the realities. According to Moulana Waheed ud din khan,” Nowadays people just study, hold a degree and get a job. They consider they are educated rather this is a low level of utilization of education.”

   The question that always haunts the intellectual and the hoi polloi alike is that what will make Pakistan free of all ills?  Because Pakistan is a country which is encircled by gargantuan problems nowadays, for instance, corruption, political instability, lack of good governance, unemployment, sectarianism, terrorism, and so on. Is it possible for Pakistan to overcome all these aforementioned ills? The answer is quite simple, only education can vanquish over all these aforementioned problems of Pakistan. Nelson Mandela said,” Education is the such powerful weapon which can change the whole world. “

Here are some points mentioned below, how education can overcome all aforementioned problems of Pakistan?

Firstly, education can help in removing the sectarianism from society. Sectarianism product of ignorance. That society or state which is less educated, they combat this problem. Thus education is a powerful weapon against the sectarianism.

Secondly, Pakistan is combating unemployment. The government of Pakistan can reduce the unemployment ratio through technical and vocational education. This is just not to reduce the jobless ratio rather it will help in boosting the economy of Pakistan.

Thirdly, Pakistan is a  democratic country but its political system is instable.  For this education works as the backbone.  As Aristotle, said, “Education is the backbone for democracy.”

Therefore, education helps in selecting the right and skill leader for a country.

Fourthly, terrorism is the biggest problem for Pakistan. Pakistan spends more budgets on security. The main factors of terrorism production in a state that are poverty, lack of basic facilities and injustice in a state. Thus educated society or State gives basic facilities, fair and speedy justice to its citizens. 

Last but not least, the significance of education in Pakistan is that it gives a lesson of tolerance and patience.  As a result, a sound and peaceful environment is produced in a state or society. In addition, it reduces violence from society.

Therefore, the government of Pakistan should provide free and quality education to its citizens. In addition, it is the responsibility of the government to provide those things which are related to education, for instance, water, washroom, electricity, building, security and transport.

In a nutshell, education is a sine qua non for the existence of a society or state. Without this, society or state cannot achieve stability. Therefore, the government of Pakistan should not just increase the literacy rate, rather work on quality education of students.

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