Dr. Rubaba Buledi stresses need for safe blood transfusion

QUETTA: Parliamentary Secretary for Health Balochistan Dr. Rubaba Buledi has said that a joint affiliate plan of all public and private blood banks will be formed at the Regional Blood Center Quetta for medically safe blood transfusion in Balochistan.

During a visit to Regional Blood Centre Quetta here on Friday, she said that all medical tests and scanning of donor blood will be done before blood transfusion so that patients recover from one disease and do not suffer from any other deadly disease, adding that no compromise can be made on public health. She vowed that better and quality medical facilities to the public at government level will be ensured. 

She said that steps are being taken on a priority basis to provide healthcare facilities to the people and the reforms in the health department in Balochistan are among the top priorities of the provincial government.

Parliamentary Health Secretary Dr. Rubaba Buledi said that safe blood transfusion procedures are being worked out in Balochistan and added that to ensure implementation of these measures, the Regional Blood Center Quetta will be made a center of healthy blood transfusion.  She also stressed the need of affiliate all public and private blood banks with RBC Quetta. 

She stressed that all the tests and scanning of the blood donated to the patient should be carried before the clear report is received. She said that the sanctity of human life is dear to us because there is no substitute for human life.

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