Carelessness and the Covid-19

By Yaqoob Narohi

Since the outbreak of Corona virus from Wuhan city of China, our globe is undergoing a serious health challenge. According to WHO, majority of the countries have been affected by this virus so far, and Pakistan is no exception in this regard. The first case of Corona virus was reported in Pakistan on 26th February, 2020. The more the cases, the higher its outbreak was. Since then, government had been mobilizing the people throughout the country about Corona’s threat and precautionary measures, but all in vain.

For now, confirmed cases have surpassed ninety thousand with more than two thousand fatalities. Alas! After experiencing so many affected patients and deaths, our people still appear to be reckless. Their level of nonseriousness can be judged from their words: “koi corona nahi hai, ye sara drama bazi hai”, “hum logo ka immune system strong hai, hum ko corona kuch nahi kar skta”, “baba Pakistan mai koi corona nai, ye sub musalmano k khilaf saazish hai” (There is no Corona; we have strong immune systems; it is conspiracy against Muslims)

While religious beliefs had overcome the fear of people of Pakistan, the novel guest entered Balochistan. Corona virus travelled along with Pakistani devotees who had already been affected by the virus in Iran. Nevertheless, this pandemic was inevitable by then. Known for its rotten health system, Balochistan province somehow managed to swallow the bait. Later, with its mismanaged quarantine center in Taftan, Government of Balochistan could not manage to control its spread throughout the province. Likewise, in the midst of the month of Ramadhan, easing of the lockdown further aggravated the situation and caused Corona virus spread further afield. According to Health Department, currently ratio of affected people in Balochistan is about 36%; and by the end of July it would reach 97% in the province. Ah! This is serious.

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Although government eased the lockdown to safeguard lives of poverty ridden sector, and also support its feeble economy, our people took the Corona situation for granted and preferred wondering outside, picnicking and enjoying in crowds. Now, neither our people follow the government’s SOPs, nor do the shopkeepers, except few. It is very sad that people are unaware that daily hundreds of deaths are being reported. Let alone local ordinary people, even so many doctors, paramedics staff and lawmakers have lost their lives due to this pandemic,  but still we don’t realize the intensity of covid-19.

‘Indeed, every soul is to taste death,’ Al Quran: its time and date are decided; however, being careful and following government’s SOPs would be wise for now. Perhaps the only option left to control further the spread of Corona Virus is to follow the SOPs: washing and sanitizing the hands, social distancing and staying at home. Also, the leadership needs to implement its standard procedures in letter and spirit to save the lives.

Yaqoob Narohi holds a Masters degree in International Relations from University of Balochistan

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