Does Pakistan really want change?

By Muhammad Hassnain Khan

90% of people adhere to the idea of change. Then what is hurdle that might prevent change in Pakistan? The answer is that Pakistani nation is not practical. Their words stand louder than their actions. Apathy and laziness run in their blood and they always wait for some miracle.

It is rightly said that God helps those who help themselves. Since the inception of Pakistan, it seems the people of this country are divided into factions. Anyone can easily manipulate people by simply playing religion card. The seventy years history has perhaps taught us nothing. Chicanery, military interventions, over confident media, weak judiciary, black marketing of good, smuggling, and heinous crimes such as kidnapping of children and rape are increasing day by day in our society.

What we, as a nation, have done to stem the heavy tide of these crimes? In U.S.A, a single loss of life cause millions to take to the streets to demand justice for black lives. Conversely, in Pakistan, we only sit and post few condemnation slogans on social media and do nothing practical to stop such crimes.

As Sir Syed Ahmed Khan puts it that only way to change any nation strong law and orders and across the board accountability is must. Secondly, when everyone performs his duty fairly and stands against any fouls means than authoritarian powers can no wrong and politicians change themselves. They in fact then begin to follow the masses aspirations.

As it is evident that Pakistan doesn’t have any leader or statesman who could bring reforms in society, we have to adopt the second option and being a responsible citizen of Pakistan we have to work for it and stop every foul means and stand against every crime either it is a corruption or violation of human rights. It is right time to stand as a nation and make our Pakistan bright to shine for succeeding generations.

Don’t wait for butterflies to catch, mend your garden butterflies will come themselves.

“Nobody gives you freedom: you have to fight for it. Nobody fights and for you: you have to fight for yourself”

Muhammad Hassnain Khan is a Graduate of Punjab University, pursing his degree in English Literature

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