Baloch Women Forum condemns arrest of students

QUETTA: A spokesperson for the Baloch Women’s Forum (BWF) has strongly condemned the arrest and torture of students in Quetta and has called on the Balochistan government to take steps to address the issue of online classes for students.

The spokesperson further said that these students were going to protest peacefully in front of the Balochistan Assembly against the online classes and not only were they stopped on the way but also the police used immoral language which is against our traditions.

Students in Balochistan have been protesting against online classes for the past one month. Not only is there no internet facility in 80% of Balochistan, but poor students do not have laptops and other facilities.

The government of Balochistan should protest to the federation against the mistreatment of students of its province by the Higher Education Commission.  But we deeply regret the irresponsible attitude of the Balochistan government.

The Balochistan government should take steps to restore internet service and provide facilities to students for online calls.  The Government of Balochistan should recognize the demands of the students and take steps to resolve this issue.

It may be mentioned here that Higher Education Commission has directed the universities to conduct online classes in all the universities. However, internet services are at best limited to few district headquarters of Balochistan whereas rest of Balochistan is either deprived of internet facilities on the pretext of security reasons or there isn’t any cellular network operational at all. Students have been protesting the online classes for over a month. In the latest episode the Police arrested and manhandled students which erupted a storm like backlash on social media and finally prompted CM to remove SP police and women constable from their positions. However, the problem of the students still remains unresolved.

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