Frailty Thy Name Is Not Farwa

By Abdullah Farhad

Farwa is a proud daughter of Balochistan who proved Shakespeare wrong—the author of these lines. Shakespeare’s imagination could not break the shackles of his mental horizon to peep into future and see today’s women to whom the maxim “frailty thy name is woman” never fits.

Today Farwa Batool became an icon of strength and courage. She has morphed into a torch bearer for girls fighting odd circumstances. Farwa has achieved an enviable milestone which even men fail to surmount. Her success in 2019 Central Superior Services (CSS) of Pakistan has belied many stereotypes and so-called cultural barriers for women. She has secured first position in Balochistan and 9th overall in Pakistan.

The interesting thing about Farwa is that she hails from Hazara community of Balochistan. Her community had been on receiving end of sectarian bloodbath being played in Balochistan. Thousands of her community men, women and children were brutally targeted and killed over the past decades. Hundreds were forced to migrate to safer places and many a times taking to inexplicable excursions. Psychological pressure, fear and marginalization, nothing could stop her way achieving the prestigious position in Pakistan.  She literally defeated all odd circumstances.

As regards her education, Farwa Batool has graduated from LUMS Lahore. Her major subject is Accounting and Finance. Currently she is serving in banking sector.  She was not sure about her success but she made everyone proud. Her parents always supported her. She is going to join her training at Civil Services Academy CSA in October 2020. She has been allocated Pakistan Administrative Services (PAS) by the virtue of her brilliant performance in the examination. She will join Nida Kazmi, Batool Asadi and Sana Mahjabeen Umrani. All brave women of this province to whom gender is no barrier to clinch success.  

The writer is a freelancer from Balochistan with specific interest in education.

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