The Degree-holder Housewives

By Maria Ahmed

Feminists have always tried hard to let women come out of their kitchens and work as a productive member of the society with men. Fortunately, they succeeded in their endeavours. Today, we see women conquering almost every field of life. Women’s space today has expanded. It is not limited to the walls of their houses only rather they have made their space in the space as well. We can name many women astronauts today. Gone are the days when women were considered the managers of their home kitchens only. Today, women are leading in managerial positions in fields such as administration, police, and so on. The credit for this  success and change in the status of women undoubtedly goes to the women who envisioned themselves and their fellow women in positions of power by thinking beyond the boundaries of patriarchy and who worked hard day in and day out to achieve the present status of women.

But, it has been observed that a certain fraction of well educated women in our society, after getting higher education and professional degrees, are very much contended with staying at home, getting married and raising their children. The argument that they give for this choice is that an educated women is at a better position to manage her house and raise her children to be productive and responsible citizens as compared to uneducated women. This argument I believe is valid. But, one cannot deny the fact that our grandmothers and then their mothers who were not highly educated, did not have any professional degrees were far better in managing their houses and raising their children as compared to today’s women. It is because of their efforts that we are able to call our parents educated, aware and open-minded enough to raise us as independent educated women. Honestly, if we compare ourselves with our parents and grandparents, their wisdom and understanding about life, we will clearly see ourselves standing nowhere. This definitely is a no match.

The argument that I want to establish here is that sitting at home with higher education and professional degrees hanging on walls is an attitude that is taking us back to the times when feminists had started their struggle for the rights of women. Such an attitude makes all the efforts of feminists go futile. These times demand a lot from women. Those who are educated are among the privileged ones in our society. They should come out of their houses and try to contribute towards the betterment of our society as well by playing their role. As well educated women they have double responsibilities and are expected to perform equally well inside and outside of their houses. Their education demands of them to be more active and more productive. Their education and skills must benefit their personal as well as social lives. It is high time that women played active roles in professional areas as well. Moreover, Pakistan’s current situation too demands each and every educated individual to work for the betterment of our country. Mere raising children as productive citizens will not suffice.

If we fail to change this attitude, our society will again enter a situation where women will stay back at home and be limited to their kitchens only. Furthermore, women’s active participation is needed for the development of our country as well.

Maria Ahmed holds an MS degree in English Linguistics and Literature and is also a member of Bolan Tribune’s editorial team.

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