Everything Is Possible for Willing Hearts

By Zahid Gul

Nature has provided us with precious gifts. But one of the most powerful gifts, human beings are endowed with, is the will power. This will power motivates and turns human soul into a willing heart. Human beings with willing hearts endeavour and struggle to such an extent that they make even apparently impossible things possible. Nothing would seem difficult if one makes his mind and starts working for it. At the very onset, he may be confronted with troubles but his will willing heart incessantly keeps his passion alive. Nothing can distract or obstruct him from his path. Everything gives in to his mighty will. And he comes out victorious and the world witnesses his feats of triumph.

Consider the will power of Thomas Edison, the great inventor of an electric bulb. He failed more than hundred times to invent the bulb. His willing heart never kept him away from the struggle to achieve what he desired. The bulb, was neither known nor existed before him. It appeared almost impossible to succeed after his paramount failed attempts. He never gave up and finally after countless number of failed experiment he succeeded in inventing the bulb, the thing which was once deemed impossible.

Similarly, Stephan Hawking, British physicist and cosmologist had surprised the world when he continued his journey of remarkable discoveries and gave unimaginable theories despite being diagnosed with motor neuron disease, which paralysed him over the decades. He was restricted to a wheel chair. But this crippling disease and lack of physical strength never impaired him promoting his cause of benefiting the scientists and the world at large. He gave various theories regarding the black holes which stunned the world. He wrote many books, ‘A brief history of time’ is one of his famous books. As he was willing to know the universe, his disease was not able to stood up in the way. Nothing shunned him from his desire/goal. We all know that he was a great scientist. And he proved that nothing as impossible exists for the ones with willing heart.

Who does not know the legendary king of the UK, George six, who prudently led his nation in world war II and won the battle. The victory was attributed to his effective speeches and strong leaderships. When he was made king he became worried. As he was stammer and could not communicate easily. He delivered failed speeches to public. In fact, he found it hard to utter a single word before the public. He knew the importance and essence of public speaking for a ruler. He reckoned his stammering as his vulnerability. Thus, he tried hard again and again to overcome his weakness. So he was willing by heart to become a good speaker. He kept trying, never gave up and did not despair until he was able to communicate to the public effectively. The history testifies that he became a good speaker. His example as determined leader in face of odd circumstances are quoted.

To counclude, a willing heart can easily change the hostile or unfriendly situation into an amenable one. The only condition of making impossible things possible is perseverance and strenuous efforts. It is an established fact that if someone desires something in its true essence whole heartedly, he gets it. Though he might confront many ups and downs in the process. But, finally, with willing heart and concerted efforts one successfully accomplishes even as arduous tasks as reckoned impossible.

The author is a writer from Balochistan

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