Hypocrisy in Global Issues

By Zohaib Hassan

There are a lot of issues that go viral every day. International media starts analysing these issues, and they show one side of story and hide another face of story. They don’t talk about regimes that instigate these issues. I have made an endeavour to highlight this hypocrisy.

Global War Against Terrorism: Global war against terrorism is globally launched military operation by USA after 9/11 attacks. The major targets of operations are Al-Qaeda and ISIS (Daesh). However, in the name of war against terrorism, USA and their allies have carried out a genocide of Muslims in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and elsewhere in the world. Unfortunately, this act is praised as great success against terrorism. There are some options that can bring peace in the world, but they are never considered. Once Afghan president Hamid Karzai sent Obama a message to stop bombing innocent civilians. He also requested UN delegations to withdraw foreign forces. Perhaps, this was the reason why Karzai lost his status of favourite and was scandalized as corrupt which led to loss of his presidency. According to realistic approach, USA might want monarchy over world or if we go by Marxists approach, USA might have a deep sight over gold and platinum resources of Afghanistan and oil reserves of Iraq. As per realistic and Marxists approach, everyone surely will get main regime of war against terrorism.

Kurdish Genocide: Kurds are fourth largest Muslim ethnicity in the Middle East, comprising 18 million people. They mostly live in Turkey Syrian border areas. There are several treaties that were signed for independent Kurdistan, but every time Kurds were ignored. Speaking Kurdish language, representing Kurdish culture is officially banned by Turkish government, if anyone breaks the law are given strict punishments, even get killed. Turkey is thought to be only Muslim country who speak up for rights of Muslims, but behind the scenes Turkey is killing its own innocent Muslims citizens. Recently Turkey signed agreements with USA to fight ISIS (Daesh), in this backdrop, US has provided a lot of aid to Turkey to fight ISIS. But instead, Turkey prefers to fight against peace-lvoing Kurdish Muslims. Is not is a hypocrisy? that Kurdish nation who always spoke against ISIS, are being killed in the name of war against ISIS. The thing which is more painful is that there is no opposition to Turkeys barbaric acts against Kurds. In 1990s, Turkish atrocities against Kurdish were at peak, thousands of innocent Kurds got killed but media and other international actors did not want to talk about the issue. This manifests a hypocrisy at its peak

Zoaib Hassan is a student of BS Anthropology. He is pursuing his BS degree from Quaid-e-University, Islamabad.  

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