Education Decides the Fate of a Nation

By Zahid Gul

The art of knowing is termed as education. It is a broader term used for gaining knowledge and information. From the comprehension of nature to the human inventions and discoveries, all come under the field of research and knowledge and getting this knowledge is education. Man is endeavoring incessantly from his inception to acquire knowledge and use it for his benefit, in each and every form, formally and informally. In fact, human beings are different from animals because of their power of knowing, analyzing and understanding things. Animals are just provided with few instincts but man is rewarded with the power of thinking and knowing, which makes him superior over all the other creatures

 Education, undoubtedlyss, plays a vital role in shaping a society. It is pivotal in steering a nation towards development, progress, economic stability, prosperity, security and integrity. It gives the society an ideology that provides foundation to an individual and its actions. The developed countries are highly educated for instance China, the US, the UK, France and Germany etc. These countries pay much importance to education and thus allocate enormous funds and budget to education. They have stable economies and have political stability as well. Keeping in view the significance of education, they have built many educational institutes. In contrast to these developed countries, the developing countries are caught in a vicious cycle of illiteracy, poverty, insecurity and political instability. Pakistan is a developing country and lags behind the developed nations in the field education. Unfortunately we do not have a single educational institute that has made its place in the world top 100 universities. Pakistan has not yet made progress in technology. Our society is not developed, our economy is not stable and our political system too is weak. All these factors noticeably depict the dire consequences of lagging behind in the field of education. Thus, to tread the path of development in all aspects, acquiring the education is essential. Government should take strong measures to combat illiteracy and legislate to ensure an effective education system, and allocation of a decent amount of money for education in the budget is a must.

 Education is the lifeline and essential component of an organized society, stable economy and strong political structure. It is inevitable to get success without education in every sphere of life. Thus, its importance cannot be denied.

 Economy can be strengthened through a good education system. As education produces intellectuals in the community and these intellectuals ardently do research and aim to achieve the bigger goals. Stable economic growth guarantee the well-being of humans.

  The social evils prevailing in our society can be shunned off by efficacious education. The vicious crimes pervading all around are the consequences of not giving much importance to education. Education is a tool that can easily be used to mold the minds in a right direction. People will stay away from doing wrong once they know the spirit, importance and benefits of the right actions. Similarly, highlighting the dangers of disturbance and turmoil will mitigate the miseries from a society.

   Any political system in a country cannot work efficiently unless it is based on concrete ideas. The ruler will not consider himself accountable to its citizens, when they are uneducated. Education makes the citizens question the wrong policies of their rulers. The educated public will never accept the political system that does not guarantee their basic human rights. Only the erudite knows the power of right to protest and how to use this right in building an inclusive and welfare state.

  To sum up, education enlightens humanity. Education plays cardinal role in the development of any nation or country. Thus, it truly determines the fate of a nation.

The author is a freelancer writer from Loralai Balochistan

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