Government’s response to Covid-19

By Syed Ali Raza

The government’s response to curb the spread of virus still seems extremely weak and disappointing. Pandemic is spreading across the country and fatality rate is also increasing rapidly day by day with many deaths. Social distancing and SOPs are not observed strictly at the public places such as; mosques, bazaars and shopping malls. This means that people are unaware and don’t know the gravity of situation. Leadership matters to find out solutions to respond to multiple challenges. In this context, inability to take decisions by the leadership may lead to dangerous consequences. Safety measures and other steps must be publicized and be followed if the safety of the general masses is desired. The government should, therefore, review its decision of ‘smart lockdown’ to strict lockdown. Surprisingly, many are still incredulous about the existence of virus. Government must fight conspiracy theories and other such narrative along with farsighted response to Covid-19.

Rashid Ali is a student from Balochistan.

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