Why Muslims suffer?

By Muhammad Hasnain Khan

Unlike contemporary Muslims world, the Muslims in yore were better practicing men who adhered to Shariah steadfastly. On the contrary, today Muslim world is in shackles of subjugation of imperial powers of the world. In fact, they have drifted away from the faith and hence find themselves trapped in multiple quandaries. Answer to their woes is in the true essence of Islam. The life of second caliph of Islam Umar (RA) should serve as a precedent for today’s Muslims to follow. By adhering to the essence of Islam, Umar (RA) the Great ruled almost half of the world. We must introspect as to what Allah conveys us through his holy script. Our understanding of Quran is limited because we don’t understand the words we read. Our recitations are only aimed at Sawab or reward. By this way, we shall never benefit from commandments of Holy Book. The way a patient cannot benefit from a medical prescription by mere kissing or venerating it, a Muslim cannot benefit from Holy Script by mere showing veneration. It required a Muslim to get himself immersed in the essence of its meaning and act accordingly. Allah helps those who have a will to do better. The instances of Badar and Uhad are just before us. Allah rewards the ones who are the most pious. Holy Quran testifies to this fact. “Verily the most venerated among you near Allah is the one who is the most righteous.” (Al-Quran). The Example of Prophet Ibrahim too is a precedent for us to follow who struggled against all odds.  Consequently, the secrete of true emancipation of Muslims is hidden in the true essence of Islam.

The writer belongs to Loralai Balochistan and is pursing his BS degree from University of Punjab in the discipline of Political Science

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