Corruption- A Cause of Low Economic Growth in Pakistan

By: Zahid Gul

Undoubtedly, corruption is adding insult to the economic injuries of Pakistan. More than half of the population of Pakistan is living below the poverty-line. The prevailing poverty in Pakistan is the fallout of lack of unbiased and de-politicized accountability institutions. Resultantly, corruption is proliferating in our society. Corruption kills the culture of achieving any success or status or position with arduous efforts, so it curbs the meritocracy of recruitment for any position. It means, hiring and empowering incapable candidates for a job that they do not deserve. These incapable ones wreak havoc by not performing their tasks satisfactorily. How a person with no sound knowledge of economics can decide and formulate rules regarding monetary policy that would be responsible for leading to a win-win situation.

   Moreover, corruption is a tool that can easily be used by affluent and influential ones of the society to gain their vested interests. Subsequently, it results in a widening of the gulf between the rich and the poor. These opulent individuals, though few in number, exploit the whole lot of underprivileged and poor public. Despite possessing talent and skill, poor masses are being manipulated in the hands of corrupt giants. Their hard work bears no fruit to society. Corruption obstructs the path to economic prosperity by forcing the economic erudite to a corner.

   Tax evasion aggravates the corruption in our society and worsens the already fragile economy of the nation. Unfortunately, bureaucrats, who are hired to collect taxes, have also become part of this heinous crime and thus they condone the lapses of corrupt mafias in the country. As they also evade taxes themselves, how can these officials make others accountable for not paying the taxes? How can the economy of a country stand on its feet without effective and transparent tax collection?

    Similarly, Panama leaks and the recent wheat and sugar crisis in Pakistan are big examples of corruption pervading in our society. The incumbent government, PTI, had raised a slogan to uproot the corruption prevailing in the country and emancipate the nation from a big loss, during the election campaign. But, little has been done to eradicate the corruption as it only goes against the opposition leaders specially to intimidate them politically. We have witnessed the downfall of the economy in this government as well.   

It is an established fact that corruption is pushing the country into the abyss of economic crisis. If we want to break the vicious cycle of poverty we have to bring the revolution which ensures the transparent and corruption free society. Only then we would be able to compete the world and stand up in the frontline of world’s emerging economies.

Zahid Gul is a contributor for Bolan Tribune form Loralai, Balochistan.

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