The Fad of Reforms

By Syed Mansoor Ahmed

History is the past but it has potential to influence our present and future decisions. It does not give us the right way but acquaints us with better options to live our lives. Perhaps, after some twenty thousand years on earth, the Homo sapiens have gained enough wisdom and hence the ability to cooperate in a better way. The capacity of logical reasoning and the instinct of sociability endow man with these qualities. These tangible characteristics are the offshoot of the moral, ethical, and spiritual quotient. Such peculiar values bring us home to the purpose of human life. They have a significant spectrum that educate us on how should an individual be treated. Respect and dignity of human life being important elements thereof, of course!

It is worth mentioning here that the primitive and contemporary societies and nations that held and continue to hold decent characteristic are ruling the world.

On the contrary, the rise, success, and fall of all former nations has a single identifiable cause: The evil of moral corruption. Either it was the Maya civilization, the Western Roman Empire, Ancient Egyptian civilization, or the Arabs. All sunk owing to the aforementioned anomaly. It was therefore that Muhammad PBUH solely took to the moral up-gradation of that society which was at the brink of societal collapse. In his short life full of challenges, he successfully eradicated cruelty and social unrest through the means of social reforms.

Reform is a common word circulating all around today in circles of civil servant, educationist, and political actors. For reforms, it is essential to diagnose the malaise society is festering with and then come up with need analysis thereof. Pakistan has repeatedly had set of reforms since its inception but change can be seen nowhere.
One of the reasons for failure of these reforms is missing of the moral aspect. The only emphasis of each government was on the system of government and its organs. The society hence was missed. The moral up-gradation of society is a collective responsibility where no deliberate efforts have been made. Hence, the country remains in a moral crisis since its birth.
Reforms in the tax administration, civil services management, energy sector, etc are just zero-sum addition. In reality, the majority of the public has no concern about such reforms.

The solution of problems of Pakistan lies only in instilling moral values in the masses. The moral values inculcate concept of good and bad and questioning, which is an essential tool to character building. With a decent character, man can do the right thing but also at the right time in the right way.

The writer is a student at the University of Management and Technology Lahore and Public Policy Analyst based in Quetta.
You can access him:

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