Poverty in Pakistan: Its Causes and Alleviation


Poverty is a condition in which a person or a family is deprived of basic needs. Secondly, if the daily income of a person or a family is less than 2 USD, he is categorized as poor. As we know that Pakistan is a developing country and it ranks 77th among 108 developing countries of the world, more than 73 % of population lives under the poverty line in this country. This indicates that 73% of the country are unable to earn 2 USD a day to meet their basic needs. Poverty is also responsible for backwardness of the country. It has inverse relation with the development of the country. If the percentage of poverty is higher, it impedes development and vice versa. Poverty in Pakistan is too constant and too complex, and cannot be restricted to few factors. There are many interrelated factors that contribute to poverty in developing nation like Pakistan. Major causes of poverty in Pakistan are:

1: Economic causes which include unemployment, lack of foreign investment, low national

income, low per capita income and low level of saving and inflation.

2: Social causes include over population, illiteracy and backward infrastructure.

3: Political causes include law and order, poor governance, feudalism and Nepotism.

To alleviate poverty in Pakistan the following steps should be taken. Control child labour, over population and ensure right distribution of wealth. Feudalism should be abolished and rights of poor should be granted, Providing more government jobs for unemployed, respect to the young talent, respect to supremacy of law are few steps that can reduce poverty.

The writer is a student of first year from Loralai Balochistan. He is enrolled in Balochistan Residential college Zhob. 

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