Positive Intelligence

By Rabia Ehsan Ul Haq

Life is too short. It is similar as open your eyes and close it everything disappears as like nothing has happened. But it’s true that you make your life short or long. In life there are a lot of troublesome situations but when you still remain positive in negative situations you win. In life mistakes are painful when they happen but years later a collection of mistakes becomes experience which leads us to success. Basically, mental attitude of positive thinking that admits into the mind thoughts words, mood, imagination or visualization are conductive to grow positively. In every negative situation, you stay positive and it will make you powerful to fight against negative situation and as a result your success hopeful.

In my point of view, it is all about faith and trust in ourselves.

A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because its trust is not in the branch but on its own wings. Always believe in yourself and never be afraid and be open minded, your brain is not going to fall out and make positive yourself. In this world full of troubles humans can take a lot of risks that risks you are afraid to take could change your life. Thoughts and situations build strong people.

Look every side of picture as positive and always end the day with a positive thought it is no matter that how the things are hard, it will get the tomorrow fresh opportunity to make it healthier. Some people take things as negative it will make them complex and any complex situation breaks you, it damages your Soul.

The process of continually thinking about shady thoughts and doubts may end up making you unhappy. Therefore, ensure that you always avoid having negative thoughts. Positive thinking always leads to a positive attitude. One of the most important things to put in consideration if you want to maintain a positive in life is ensure that you are kind to yourself. In life, bad things are bound to happen occasionally. If you lose a job, feel a hurting breakup, or lose someone close to you, you are likely to experience pain and anger.

It is okay to cry or be sad if anything wrong happens in your life. The mistake people make is trying to look strong by squashing the sorrow because it makes the situation worse. Be kind to yourself and accept any situation so that you can know how to deal with it in a way that can help you recover faster and stay positive. Make happiness a priority in your life. It might be interesting at first. The good thing is that you end up feeling good about yourself. Then you achieve a positive attitude towards life regardless of the challenges you face. Furthermore, helping another person without telling the world shows that you were honest about the action, and it can be quite inspiring.Positive thinking is an emotional and mental attitude that focuses on the good and expects results that will benefit you. It’s all about anticipating happiness.so always be positive.

The writer is an undergraduate student of Computer Science Department from University of Balochistan Quetta.

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