Your Self-Motivation


aspire to inspire:

“when you admit that life does not happen to you it rather happens for you, your perception towards life changes if you ever feel de-motivated then here is daily dose of motivation!

Do you think that you give attention to yourself and how much? We all use social media, we put status for people, not for ourselves.

 But as we make our relations so complicated. It’s good to put posts for awareness.

 It is all about people, never about us. There was no me. We just see people. Take pleasure, you know, we all are busy for making others happy. It’s not worth it …

We all keep doing it, keep doing it again and and then our relationship with our selves becomes complicated. We should realize we don’t know where there are people as ‘us’or not but I am ‘me’ now, I am more me now ,that’s so nice…we should realize that we are exist..

Don’t invest yourself in the wrong people because if we invest your selves in wrong people, they break you into pieces, and that’s what makes years and years to get back together

I still think that while you are busy making amazing plans in your life, you should be prepared for worse things because life is so unpredictable, just be prepared!

Because “life is trial, and trials are never easy”

Repaint your life change your personal story, your daily rituals and people you surround yourself with right peoples

Our experience is the best teacher in our lives

Time is a beautiful teacher; it filters out the extras from our life including people.

There are three categories of people. Some see you in misery, in pain and they back off, they say we cannot handle the suggestion, I respect such peoples for their honesty.

Another category of people, just want to grip on with you all the time, they are so weak that they try to stay in your shadow, liberate yourself from those people because these kind of people are toxic for you. Liberate from such people.

Third type of people see you in pain. They stand next to you, they stand behind you. These are your people, value them.

You should surround those who are real and you will feel real.

Some people are jealous for. You should pity them. Those who see their failure in your success, you know these critics. They were once dreamer’s, they just wanted to achieve same thing that today you have. They gave up and they started becoming jealous of you. Pray for them because they are in a lot of pain. Just pray for such people.

If you are doing something right with the wrong person nothing good will turn out and deep inside quite intuitive, we know that’s not going anywhere. It is okay to be on your own, you are stronger than you think don’t worry about that and wait for the right person. Let the right person come to you. There no haste.

Are you in n good relationship with yourself?

Do you love your own company?

If you are miserable alone. I am sorry your friends will be miserable with you.  So we need to understand that we need to love our own company only then people will love to enjoy our company too and don’t rush with for the right person because if it is meant to be, it will be.

Usually its saying that your relationship reflects your self-relationship so the most important thing is to look within to fix the most important relationship that is you with yourself, with your friends.

You should repaint your life to see the best in your life first of all respect yourself. Make your own company best which reflects light and should respect every person in life because everyone has self-respect. Always happy and try the best.

The writer undergraduate student of Eastern Medicine Department from University of Balochistan Quetta.

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