Millionaire Success Habits

By: Abdullah Farhad


The book “Millionaire Success Habits” is written by New York Bestselling author Dean Graziosi. I have recently earned the pleasure of reading this tremendous book. It is published by Hay House Incorporation. This book was suggested to me by my mentor Sajjad Hussain Aheer.

What was the book about?

This book is all about motivation, enterprenuel ideas and success habits. Habits that can transform an ordinary man into a special-one. The Author discusses the  habits could be shunned and how one could master beneficial habits.

Dean Graziosi  discusses about the right time to change habits and foundation of all success. He tries to aware a man about the villain within, who sucks all positivity. His insight about success stories of various personalities is amazing too. In the middle of the chapter the writer asks all readers to awaken the inner hero. The hero who exits in every soul. The author also moves towards one shinning goal in one’s life. He later describes the power of attraction and persuasion in sense of changing failures into success. Besides this, he sheds light on the power of happiness. Moreover, the author explains the Quick Hacks to success and the challenge that is productivity.

What did I like in this book?

The thing which like most in this book is author’s understanding of situations. He not only gives a piece of advice but helps throughout the situation. His firm belief on success is really inspiring. He stresses on success and urges in this way ” There is always time to be successful “. The second thing I liked is the habit of avoiding from procrastination. This book presents several techniques and practices avoiding from worse habits. This book is the ultimate answers to hundreds of myths about moving forward in life and proving yourself.

This book has helped me a lot in learning new dynamic strategies and tactics in teaching and learning. I, as a teacher and educational activist, gained strength from this book. Binary thinking can help me out in planning the future of students and family members.

Excerpts from the book

> ” When worrying about money comes off your plate, you have the opportunity to be your best itself. By shifting certain habits in your life, you will allow abundance and prosperity to flow you in ways that magic seen impossible at their moment”.

> ” You are good at something heck, I bet you are good”.

> ” We all have the bad wolf or the villain living inside us, but we also have this hero just waiting to be released”.

> ” There are literally thousands of external inputs that we are exposed to every single day that impact us. Whether they feed the inner villain or empower us”.

> ” Think about how you spend your time. When things can you say no to  that are in your unique ability circle that will then allow you to say yes to things that make you feel the best”.


Subsequently, I would love to express my appreciation to this book. It gave me pleasure and as well as knowledge for my student’s growth. The all inspiring aspects of motivation to do a bid deal in life is remarkable.

I would suggest all Business entities, life insurance managers, Educational leaders and Entrepreneurs to read the book. By reading this book they can invest their time. This book helps only those people who have public dealings.

In the last let me share the remarks of David Bach, nine times New York Times best-seller author, about this book. He says ” In this book there are amazing recipes to get the life you want faster, easier and with les stress. Read it and live rich”.

The writer pursuing his M.Phil degree in Education. He could be reached at

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