Wearing a Face Mask

By Syed Ali Raza

The decision to make face mask wearing mandatory is indeed welcome and necessary move by health authorities but it is a step that should have been taken  as early as November 17, 2019 when the first case of Covid-19 emerged in Wuhan, China.  World Health Organisation (WHO) and other related international health authorities suggested that wearing a mask is mandatory to prevent the virus transmission in the counties where the daily cases are increasing exponentially. Worryingly, it is very upsetting that in Pakistan, thousands of the people can be seen working without a mask in various cities. Moreover, there was an artificial shortage of surgical masks and other related medicines at medical stores but now this issue is addressed in the country. Lastly, the people need to be doubly careful as second wave of Covid-19 sweeps across Pakistan. Everyone should wear a mask to save one’s own self and others lives!

Syed Ali Raza is a follower of Bolan Tribune from Sindh Pakistan

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