By Muhammad Ali

    Baluchistan is the largest province in terms of area. Its natural resources, contributions to the nation’s economy, health and educational institutions are apparently an excessive edge but in reality, it has become cradle of issues.

              To count a few of these issues that relate to the directly public hygiene and health are the cleanliness issues where cities have become heaps of garbage, stinking all around. Unfortunately, these magnificent cities have fallen prey to mismanagement and corruption. Boiling sewerage lines, outdated solid waste management systems and inefficiency of the concerned quarters has turned the look of cities into eyesore.

             One of the most hilarious facts is that “In today’s world the cruelest places are the educational institutions of Baluchistan where they murder creative minds.” Millions of rupees are wasted in bribery even then the students are brutally scammed. Furthermore, no internet facility, not even a proper network in rural areas as well as urban is available in Baluchistan. As result, virtual education has become very tough and impossible during the times of the ongoing pandemic due to which students are compelled to protest. The scant resource at hand have made our virtual education sun-baked drought for students in Baluchistan. Such negligence causes ultimate damage to our productive age. Similarly, due to limited educational institutions in Baluchistan, students prefer other provinces which again is not possible for all students and hence an is an hindrance in way of students to get education.

               In addition to this, Baluchistan’s highways and land communication passages have a different and equally heart-breaking story to tell. Recently the torrential rains damaged the frail roads into chunks of stones which not only left the traffic disrupted but also disturbed the pedestrians drastically. Moreover, one of the most staggering and astonishing facts is that people are made responsible to pay taxes at any cost but in return, nothing comes without a broken promise. Arguably, being lenient, the stakeholders have turned all the chances of prosperity into a predicament for the people of Baluchistan. To see Baluchistan really prosper, government should work to resolve all the issues that are hampering its development in one way or the other.

The writer is a college student from IBA Sukkar, Sindh

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