Video Game Addiction

    By Muhammad Ali     

  Most probably, our teenagers are already lost in some serious and spacious social disorder but introduction of video games which have brutally destroyed the future of youth in an otherwise a productive age. Such activities lead to unruly behaviour and hypertensive culture which leads youngsters to face multiple problems.

          Video game addiction has formidable disadvantages in many part of today’s world and deserves more attention. It is radically demotivating the students from spending their precious time on their studies and unfortunately, they are compelled to do so. Moreover, majority suffer due to peer pressure and self-negligence which promotes undesirable social atmosphere. Many of them lose their power of eye sight due to constant playing game and speaking the entire night.  This lands many in some serious ailments like meningitis

          On a more optimistic note, these terrible video games are making the teens to bite the bullet. As recently, two lunatic children from Punjab province attempted suicide. This seems that these video games are no longer games but are affecting the real life of the youngsters and prompting them to make attempts on their or others’ lives. Nevertheless, the time when video games were nowhere, was healthier than the current video game era. Yet another factor to this growing social dilemma is also the growing leniency of parents towards their children.

The extravagance of the children borne by parents adds to such problems. Buying gadgets, internet packages is definitely the economic aspect that parents can control.

         In a nutshell, to curb all these unusual activities, PTA and Government of Pakistan should become more stringent and ban on all these temptations and never encourage such gigantic social disorders.

Muhammad Ali is a college student from Balochistan

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