The Cry of a Pen

By Noor uz Zaman

The pen desperately says that I am helpless to raise the voice of downtrodden. Indeed it makes me so annoyed that I am the weapon of deceitful writers who, for the sake of money, conceal the truth as well usher  a wrong path for people. I grumble about the people who,  without doing a proper investigation, blindly accept the written words of untruthful writers. Additionally these gullible people assume that pen is only the representative of the rich people not the poor. Neither I have expectations from the people nor from the writers to be the voice of the voiceless.     Although I am utterly disheartened​ from the attitude of the both, but the cry of poor ignite a huge hope that one day I will be truly representative of the poor.

The Writer is a Student of Economics at University of Balochistan (UoB)

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