Balochistan never a land of intellectually barren, says Commissioner

 NASEERABAD: Commissioner Naseerabad Division Abid Saleem Qureshi has said that the people of Balochistan have never been intellectually barren. The writers, poets and members of intellectual fraternity here have used all their talents to create awareness among the people.

He expressed these views while addressing a function of Balochistan Writers Glidberg Literary Convention, the other day. He further said that there are people who are constantly strive for awareness the members of society, adding that the writer present a beauty to the life in a wonderful way by realizing its true meaning. 

On the occasion, Sheikh Farid of Balochistan Writers Glidberg presented shields and gifts of books to Commissioner Naseerabad. Sheikh Farid, Abdullah Nizami, Agha Niaz Magsi, Dr. Shakar Khan Pendrani and Divisional Deputy Director Social Welfare Saleem Khan Khosa also addressed the participants. 

Earlier, Commissioner Naseerabad Division Abid Saleem Qureshi also inaugurated a book stall of various poets, writers and intellectuals organized by Balochistan Writers of the forum. 

Commissioner Naseerabad Abid Saleem Qureshi was of the view that there is an urgent need to educate the young generation so that they can be awakened from their slumber through social media.  He urged that children in schools and colleges should be made aware of art and literature.  He said that the land of Naseerabad division is very fertile and the people living here have achieved success on all the fronts of life whether it is agricultural or literature. He said that it was positive to be attracted towards literature and intellectuals so that conscious citizens are produced who can serve the country and the nation.  He said that only writers can create awareness among the people in a better way. We have to play our role in eradicating literary backwardness so that the society can be led towards true reform.  He said that Allama Muhammad Iqbal, the poet of the East, had created awareness among the people through his poetry during the Independence Movement of Pakistan and to liberate them from the chains of slavery.  On the occasion, Commissioner Naseerabad Abid Saleem Qureshi distributed certificates of appreciation and shields among those who raised awareness through their pens among others Dr. Shakar Khan Pendrani, Abdullah Nizami, Shams Nadeem Khalid Bedar, Article Writer of Information Department Akhtar Mangi and others were present on the occasion.

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