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Online Journalism in Pakistan finds little recognition. When it comes to Balochistan where internet access is limited, it is all the more challenging. In fact, the world has recognised transition from paper to online publication and has tuned to paper-free journalism long ago. Given the inevitability of this transition,  this is an attempt to step in future.

Moreover, launching a website without any financial support is not an easy task. We found most of the English Newspapers in Balochistan earning in millions through Government advertisements but reluctant to share dividends with their staff, keeping them pathetically underpaid. Moreover, we also observed very little urge for quality reporting among media industrialists.

In this context, we are of the view that they have left a large void unfilled in this province which needs to be filled through quality work. With this end in view, we launched The Bolan Tribune to contribute our part.

To readers, we believe in diversity of opinion, thought and free speech. However, any material that may go in contravention with the state’s integrity shall not find place with us.

You can send your write-ups, press statements, Op-Ed pieces to our e-mail bolantribune@gmail.com.

Please follow the guideline while sending your write-ups.

  1. You can write on any decent topic of your choice.
  2. The write-up must have a minimum of 700 words.
  3. Make sure to rectify any errors including spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, missing punctuation etc. as highlighted by MS word before sending your write-up.
  4. The write-up must be in MS Word format.
  5. Use Times new Roman font style, line spacing and font size must be 1.5 and 12 respectively.
  6. Do not include extra spaces between the paragraphs.
  7. Briefly introduce yourself at the end of your write-up
  8. Mention your full name after the title of your article.

Note: The editing team shall approve and publish your article only if your write-up meets the above mentioned criteria.

Our Team

Safi Ullah Shahwani

Editor Op-ed/Opinion Page/blog
Maria Ahmed

Nasir Shahwani
Staff Writer

Musawir Ahmed

Abdullah Baloch
Staff writer